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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 12, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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blur's watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. >> another gun brought into a baltimore county school. what's being done to make sure your kids are safe while in the classroom. they thought the rec centers would be closed for good but baltimore city council president proposing an aidea to keep those sent -- an idea to keep the centers open many and total transformation. students at three local schools are going to have brand new libraries to study and hang out in. we will tell you what's so special as the first one is unveiled. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i am megan pringle alongside lynette charles and there's a big celebration going on as the
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library opens so people will want to know how to dress and lauren cook manning the roads. now is a good time to leave. >> reporter: yes, we have little trouble on the jfx. so i will have more coming up in a bit. >> all right. right now the story is the fog. >> yes. we have the patchy fog and north and west you go. so patchy in nature. being careful. also, take the jacket again this morning. we are chilly. look at clarksville at 51 degrees. once again the temperatures in the low to upper 50s. we should be around 60 degrees now for this time of the year for the low temperatures. and we can see that we are at 58 right now in cambridge. centerville at 55. winds are calm to light and that continues throughout the day but we will get more of a southerly breeze in here. i will explain that coming up. but we look at maryland's most powerful radar and we are nice and dry. that's going to stay that way heading throughout the day and this is our hour by hour forecast what we have. it's going to be a cool morning. 76 degrees. let's check the timesaver traffic with lauren cook.
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tell us about the fog. >> reporter: well, you want to expect a lot of reduced visibility in frederick and carroll counties. reduce speeds and be extra careful. if you are using the jfx, an issue along the southbound lanes. there'ston of trash bags that's -- there's a ton of trash bags along the lane. so be careful using 83 this morning. everything will be up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel. and if you are headed out to the west side of the beltway, here's a live look at liberty road, 11 minutes from the outer loop from 795 down towards 95 and this is what the beltway looks like in parkville at harford road. no problems getting up from parkwell to towson. now over to you. you send your kid off to school and expect them to be in a safe place. but we are talking about a second gun incident at baltimore county school in a two-weekperiod. an #th grader rode the buscarrying a 22 caliber
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semiautomatic and showed it -- 8th grader rode the bus careying a 22 caliber semiautomatic and showed it. the grandfather of the student is a 70-year-old man and he is being charged for allowing hig grandson to get ahold of the gun in the first place. this later incident and the one at perry hall has parents questioning just how safe their kid are when they go to school. it is the main focus during a meeting last night when the baltimore county superintendent addressed the crowd and saying safety has to be a priority and parents absolutely agree. >> i think it will make a lot of parents unhappy if the things are happening to their kids instead of suspension, you know, the kid is going in time out. >> students being safe at school, arriving to school and home safely is the first
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thingthat has to be met. >> dr. dance is holding a series of community immediateings this month as well as -- meetings this month as well as next month to talk to parents about issues like school safety and holds another one at loch raven high school starting at 7. coming up in the next half-hour, we will have a live report about proposals right now that are being suggested to improve school safety including the installation of metal detectors. that report is coming up in the next half-hour. he protected the people of harford county. it happened for more than a decade. this morning corporal charles lacotto is being laid to rest. he died in a car crash on his way home from work. friend, family and colleagues have been paying respects for the past couple days. the funeral is today at mountain christian church in joppa. a man who put football back into the hearts of baltimore is resting in peace. the best of the ravens roster came out to say farewell to art
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modell. ray lewis, joe flacco, ray rice, they all showed up for the funeral yesterday. modell's son david talked about his dad and his final hurdle. >> the men who defends the flag of baltimore and the flag of the ravens were on their knees praying with -- praying with my father at his bedside with tears streaming down their face. perhaps one of the most powerful moments and so that we are very grateful. >> modell's family is asking you donate to the seed school in his honor that provides education for kids in near. it was near and dear to his heart. you can find more information about the school on our website, the closure of rec centers in baltimore egg nighted outrage -- ignited outrage but a city council president has
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one idea to keep them open. tonight a council meeting is held. there's a public hearing over a resolution proposed by jack young. he wants the city's five largest agencies to sponsor two rec senseers to keep them open --centers to keep them open including the public works and department of educationch the meeting starts at 5 p.m. and we will let you know how it goes. a state department officer died during an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. another embassy employee was wounded when armed men stormed the building. it is believed to be an antiislam film produced by americans that sparked the attack. secretary of state hillary clinton condemns the shooting and saying she asked libya's president to give additional protection to americans in the country. a very sad ending to what should have been a nice day on the water. a 29-year-old lewis sprouse died when he fell off his boat
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and hit the spinning propeller. his foot got stuck in a crab line and the boat was running when he fell into the propeller. his body has been taken to the medical examiner's office. the streets of las vegas became a standstill following some pretty heavy thunderstorms. look at this video. firefighters, helicopter crews and they had to -- they had to rescue more than 20 people stuck in the cars because of all the rising flood waters. water levels were about several feet high and the national weather service says that almost 2 inches of rain fell. the storms almost knocked out -- also knocked out power to thousands of customers in the area for nearly two hours. but you can see the streets pretty wet there. and i know that's a sight that makes you cringe watching people drive through flooded water. but las vegas is not hughesed-- used to that much rain. >> not at all. that was a shock to them. and they didn't know what they were supposed to do because you saw the cars driving through
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the flooded roadways. looking at the saturdayel right and radar picture, we can see the big area of rain is is back off where we have a cold front draped across the plains and this will begin to slide our way heading into the weekend. so i will talk about that because we have wet weather in the forecast. but for today, we are looking nice once again. get out and enjoy it because we can see change in the forecast. temperatures this morning, cool again. hanover coming in at 53 and we are at 55 degrees right now in centerville. heats go back to megan. a big -- let's go back a megan. today the hairy jeanette wineberg association is opening up the first of three libraries. sherrie i bet they are excited about this because it's happening students in need. >> reporter: this is exciting for students staff and community. they are unveiling three new libraries in baltimore city schools. we are at thomas johnson elementary middle school.
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amazing new library here. this morning, i have kate with the wineberg foundation. good morning. thanks for being out here so early. >> glad to. we are excited. >> reporter: tell me about this library project. what's going on. >> that is multimillion dollar collaborative effort focused on inspiring students to embrace and love learning. we have come into three spaces that were renovated. and we have just added some magic. we transformed the spaces so they are well equipped and well resourceed filled with excitement so they have a place that's welcoming and theirs. >> reporter: i looked at the before and after pictures and they are amazing. there are places that i want to go read in they are so inviting. >> we want this to be a hub for the school and an opportunity for the community to take part in the education of the students. we have a parent corner that's an opportunity for parents and guardials to come in and have a cup of coffee and spend
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sometime reading with their kids. >> reporter: awesome. sounds so wonderful. and so need for baltimore city public schools. grand unveiling kicks off right here from 9 a.m. to 10:30. they will have the governor here, the lieutenant governor and lots of folks. dr. alonzo baltimore city public schools ceo. lots of folks will be here to unveil the new libraries for the children. reporting live in south baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> very important news this morning. we are on baby watch because charley crowson and his wife are expecting their first child. it's happening very soon. that's not a picture of the baby if you are looking and saying where is she. that's the outfit she will be wearing as she heads home. any moment she will be arriving and we will keep you posted and charley will post pictures on facebook. also ahead one of the top universities in the united states, we will tell you how johns hopkins compares to other universities around the world.
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that story is is ahead. >> well, we are dealing with a lot of fog this morning. here's the reduced visibility on interstate 70 in frederick. i will let you know how the main lines look near baltimore coming up on good morning maryland. you are looking live in new york city a beautiful way to start the day. much more coming up next. ñ[=
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thanks for joining us. look at this. we are officially on baby watch here on good morning maryland because charley posted this picture of a newborn outfit on his facebook fan page saying that it's go time our baby is on the way. he and his wife are very eager to welcome their little girl into the world. and we are happily waiting to hear from him. i got a tex this morning so he says, they are still waiting. it will take a while. so hang in there. and so many of you have been
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leaving sweet comments on the facebook fan page. jack wrote here's to a happy healthy delivery welcome little princess. that's sweet. and danielle says. and so feel free to leave a comment for charley and their wife. they appreciate the nice thoughts and it's a very exciting thing. it's cute they have the outfit picked out because i remember that was one of the things i am like what am i going to wear home. >> i wonder if they have a name. >> i think they do. >> okay. >> we are keeping it quiet. really, it should happen today. >> so exciting. new addition to the abc family. >> exactly. so we will have to get her up here on the set and do weather with you baby crowson. >> and they will have fabulous weather if it happens today. let's talk about the chilly temperatures this morning once again. we could not get a warmup in the morning. it's that time of the year. so temperatures will go down. across the eastern shore this morning, we are at 55 degrees right now in centerville.
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galena at 52. northeast 54 and federalsburg at 52 and northville at 5 # degrees. so, like we have had the of the week, well, we need that jacket and that's going to continue. the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot. clear skies out there once again. that's why the temperatures really able to drop off in the morning. also, high pressure is in control of the weather. this will begin to slide off toward the east as we go throughout the day. and remain there for the rest of the week. and then, we will have the cold front back off toward the west making it towards us as we go through the weekend. it will bring us a chance for showers heading into saturday unfortunately. we have tropical storm nadine out here making its way, but the good news is it's going to stay away from the lower 48 once again. that is what we like to see when we have tropical storms. stay out in the atlantic and make the turn away from the u.s. so, today, that temperature coming in at 81 degrees and it will be mostly sunny and warm. and by tonight, clear again and
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cool. 56 degrees by tomorrow. 83 continued sunshine and a bit warmer and here's the 7-day forecast bringing the showers in here as we go into saturday but we look nice back on sunday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. more great weather for that baseball game. hopefully the orioles will pull off another win tonight against the rays. unfortunately this morning, we are dealing with fog. you want to be extra careful driving in frederick and carroll counties and use the jfx, do watch out for a lot of trash bags along the southbound lanes between cold spring and druid hill and if you are heading out on 95, there are no concerns this morning getting into the city. it's nice and clear from white marsh to the fort mchenry tunnel and this is what the beltway looks like. west side in great shape in baltimore national pike and it will continue in overlea. no problems at bel air road to 95 or heading up towards 83. megan over to you. five things to know before heading out this morning.
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the teacher strike in chicago entering a third day. the negotiators for the teachers and cool studies tribute say -- school district says there have been negotiates but an agreement is not near. parents joined the teachers march yesterday. despite the tragic crash a year ago organizers say the reno air show will go on. the air show starts today and rns through sunday. -- runs through sunday. 11 people died last year in an accident. environmental and he health advocates attending a news conference in baltimore to talk about fracking. opponents of natural drilling for gas the technique they plan to draw -- launch a campaign for a moratori on the practice. howard county getting a new school. today county officials and educators will help break ground for new two-story school building in ellicott city. the lynwood center school will provide services for children and adults living with autism. today orioles players past and present will try to help sick children and their
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families enjoy the day. kids with the casey care foundation will play a little ball and meet the players. some of the best and brightest walked through the halls of johns hopkins university. and now it's known to the world. that's because the world university ranking has come out with the top 100 universities in the world. johns hopkins ranked 16 on the list. so coming in at number one mi -- m.i.t. overtaking the university of cambridge in the uk which fell to number 2 on the list. we have it on the website if you are curious. queen anne's county sheriff face as multimillion dollar lawsuit. we look closer at the allegations made against his brother and why it's affecting his job. plus there, are lots of interesting things for sale at an auction. why some of the items bought at this auction are more curious on lockers than bidders.
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thanks for joining us. to a story abc2 first broke last week. we are learning new details about the queen anne county sheriff and his brother being sued because of sexual harassment claims against the brother. abc2 news joce sterman looks at the allegations against corporal john hofmann. >> reporter: sheriff hofmann may be at the center of a lawsuit brought by one of his former detectives but his brother is the reason. court record show john hofmann pleaded guilty to second degree assault after attacking detective christy taylor murphy but it may not have bent only unwanted advance. his case was fold from the -- pulled from the maryland training agency revoking his law enforcement certification in 2011. she claimed corporal hofmann
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assault her during a conversation in california. she claimed she reported the assault directly to the sheriff and he threatened her about telling anyone else. the court documents show corporal hofmann was investigated internal by but -- internally but never interrogated but just filled out a questionnaire and in his answers, he claims murphy taylor flashed her breast at him several times, watched porn with him at the california conference and asked him if performing a sex act could help her get a promention. -- promotion. she denies the claims. >> the claims in court sheriff hofmann says he was unaware of any situation between her and his brother. looking at news around nation this morning, he could barely see over the steering wheel but it cont didn't stop a 8-year-old boil -- but that didn't stop 58-year-old boy from taking his mother's car.
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he jump into the car while his mother was in the shower and drove through rush hour and onto a throughway. he thought he had enough and turned back around and that's when he ran into some trouble. police say that andrew ran over a stop sign, hit a hydrant and crashed into a neighbor's yard. >> when i was trying to come up -- come into the street, i got scared because i jumped the curb and i am like. >> i don't think he fully understood the ramifications or serious any of taking a car for a ride. >> probably not his age he wanted to drive. his parents are moving the car keys out of sight and police will not file charges against the young driver and you hear a story like that and think thank goodness no one was hurt. you can find interesting things for sale at a auction even human remains. a pennsylvania auction house had two skeletons up for bid a man and woman at least 100 and come from a mortician's
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collection in new york city. probably used for teaching. >> what in the world do people want with these things? >> i have no idea but there isn't a week that coast by that someone doesn't want to buy them. >> you can sell the plastic ones. they sold for $900. the female sold for 950 dollars. who knows what somebody will dowith them. maybe they are used for teaching instead of sitting in someone's living room. creepy. >> creepy. >> reporter: there's a lot of stuff for sale on the show oddities. it's kind of bizarre. >> yeah. >> reporter: but interesting. >> all right. time to get a check on weather and traffic of urse. how is going. >> it's going fabulously. it's a little chilly but it's been cold on monday and tuesday and wednesday we will do it all over again. we will be chilly tomorrow morning as well. we are looking at the bus stop forecast and gee the kid off to -- get the kids off


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